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10 modern personalised gifts for your groomsmen

10 modern personalised gifts for your groomsmen

You’ve seen them everywhere… the gift items with the words Best Man and Groomsman on them. While they can be quite sophisticated, if you are looking for personalised here are some ideas to get you started on modern gifts for your groomsmen.

Personalised whisky bottles

Adding the name of your groomsmen to the label of a bottle of Johnnie makes it even more special. Image: My Wedding Decor

A personalised Johnnie label makes the golden drop even more special. Image: My Wedding Decor

It is one thing to grab a bottle of whiskey from the nearest bottle-o and hand it over to your groomsmen. It is another thing entirely to make a bottle their very own with a personalised label.

There is something about sharing a drop of golden Johnnie Walker that screams man-bonding, so if you can give your groomsmen a bottle of the whiskey with their name plastered on it, what you are really saying is, “Let’s have a drink together soon buddy!”

Hip flask

Funky hip flasks from Engrave Works

Funky hip flasks from Engrave Works

Not just for 18 and 21-year-old birthday parties, there is something timeless about hip flasks and when you can personalise them, you can make it as sophisticated or as unique as you wish. Flasks make great keepsake gifts for your groomsmen.

Funky ammo coolers

Ammo boxes make unique groomsmen gifts.

Ammo boxes make unique groomsmen gifts.

They look military in nature and scream “Tough Guys,” but you can personalise ammo boxes with messages for your groomsmen.

It could simply be their name, or you can plaster their group nickname on it. Include the wedding date and their wedding title too, if you are that way inclined, or keep it strictly about the guys. These boxes can be used for tools, day-to-day storage, or all-important drinks carriers, making them a practical as well as looking epic.

Shaving kit

Every guy needs to shave - give them a way to do it in style.

Every guy needs to shave – give them a way to do it in style.

You might cringe when thinking a shaving kit is a good idea to gift your groomsmen – until you see how many awesome designs are out there.

Leather pouches filled with retro shaving gear, canvas bags with modern equipment, or a wooden box that is the very embodiment of sophistication. You can personalise any of these options to make them a gift that will definitely take pride of place in the bathroom.

Ultimate cooler chair

There's chairs... and then there's this chair.

There’s chairs… and then there’s this chair.

Whether it’s camping, heading to the local sports grounds to watch a game, or just chilling in the backyard, it is a magnificent thing to have your very own chair in which to enjoy these simple things in life.

How will everyone know it’s yours? It will have your name on it of course! Make a personalised chair even more awesome for your groomsmen by finding one that has additional benefits, like an inbuilt cooler bag, or the ability to recline.

Tasting paddle

One for the brewski connoisseurs.

One for the brewski connoisseurs.

Craft breweries are popping up all over Australia and around the world and the number of people heading out to sample a tasting paddle is on the rise.

With a personalised paddle, your groomsmen can recreate the experience at home and if they are into a home brew, can indulge their guests with tastings from their selection! Great for lads who love their craft beer.

Personalised glasses with a difference

Why go with just a name?

Why go with just a name?

There are countless companies across the country who can engrave anything you like onto glassware, so why not think a bit outside the square and go for a caricature-style set for your groomsmen?

It will be sure to make them laugh and you know it will be something they will cherish forever. If you want to amp up the fun even more, have a set with one of each of your main men and intentionally give the glass with Dave’s face on to Chris, and give Chris’s face to Simon and so on.

Man bag

modern and personalised gifts for your groomsmen

Don’t underestimate the power of the man bag

While gals have handbags that can sometimes store the equivalent of a small suitcase hanging from their shoulders, guys are usually expected to carry their essentials in pockets.

No more! Give your groomsmen a man bag. It can be cooler-style, a satchel/messenger style, or a duffel bag for larger travels or sports. You can have it monogrammed to boost its awesomeness.

Pocket watch

Far from relegated to the past, pockets watches are stylish and practical.

Far from relegated to the past, pockets watches are stylish and practical.

You might not see too many people strolling around the street and stopping at the bus stop to whip their pocket watch out and check the time. It is more likely to be their mobile phone.

But that is what makes pocket watches cool! They are both stylish and practical and when you can personalise it with your groomsman’s name or a special message, you know it is something he will cherish forever.

Drinks carry caddie

gifts for your groomsmen

All-in-one drinks caddy

How often have you turned up at a party or social gathering with your drinks in tow, only to find you have left a bottle opener behind? This will be a problem of the past for all of your groomsmen if you give them an all-in-one drinks caddy.

Not only can you plaster their name across it, (so they will never accidentally pick up a light instead of a full-strength from someone else’s caddy) but there is an inbuilt bottle opener so the days of searching through the bottom of cooler bags for one will be over.

Markus’ mid-air Egyptian proposal to Jessica

Markus’ mid-air Egyptian proposal to Jessica

Markus was Jessica’s supervisor when they first met, and when he asked her on a date, Jessica initially didn’t want to go.

“My mum said, ‘Just do it, he might be ‘The One’.’ She was right!” says Jessica.

egypt proposal

Markus and Jessica on their hot air balloon ride

After a few years together, the pair went on holiday together to Egypt. On May 12, 2017 Markus surprised Jessica with a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Nile River. This wasn’t the only surprise however, as this set the scene for his incredibly romantic proposal!

Markus proposed with a gorgeous diamond set in white gold with emeralds and aquamarines inset on the band. “They’re our birth stones,” Jessica explains.

egypt proposal

Jessica’s gorgeous engagement ring after the proposal – great job Markus!

Taking inspiration from Markus’ proposal, Jessica advises others planning a proposal to “Do something different that they’ll never forget. Remember: they will be telling this story for the rest of their lives, so make it something memorable.”

The pair plan to get married in October 2019 on the same day as their first date. “Like any girl, I have had most things planned in my head for years,” says Jessica. “But maybe I’ll let him give some suggestions. It’s OUR day, after all.”


Jessica showing off her gorgeous engagement ring

We wish Jessica and Markus the very best with their wedding planning, and sincerely hope to see their wedding featured in our Real Weddings section in the future!

10 things to give up now to boost your wedding savings

10 things to give up now to boost your wedding savings

With the average Australian wedding costing between 20,000 and 30,000, it can seem like a daunting amount to begin to save for. But you will be surprised how many everyday habits you have that can easily add up to big savings if you give them up temporarily.

Whether it is your multiple daily caffeine fixes, or the ability to watch shows on demand, small sacrifices will reap huge rewards if you can exercise your powers of resolve. Here are 10 things you can give up right now to boost your wedding fund:

10 things to give up now to boost your wedding savings

Image by Gavin Cato. See the real wedding here.


If you are a caffeine addict from way back and cannot construct a coherent sentence without the liquid coursing through your veins, this may be a little hard to hear. But that $5 coffee you get from the local barista twice a day while at work is costing you $50 every week.

That’s $200 a month and if your wedding is 12 months away, that’s $2,400!! That could be your dream wedding gown, a fair chunk of your reception costs, or a dream element of your wedding that you never thought you would be able to afford.

You can! Just try to have your morning coffee at home instead, or grin and bear it by using the workplace coffee machine. (You can bring in your own pods or coffee grains and keep them in a drawer at your desk to lessen the pain…)
10 things to give up now to boost your wedding savings

Clothes shopping

Ouch! Did you say no more trips to the mall?! Sometimes steering clear of it altogether is easier than trying to battle the temptation to get that $10 blouse that is on sale when you go “window shopping.”

If your work pants are tired out to the point of no return and you don’t have any back-up pairs to dust off from the back of your closet, by all means get a new pair. But don’t spend another $80 on your fifth pair of work pants just because they are on sale.

Be strong, we know you can do it!

Summer shopping

Ditch your old stuff on Facie or ebay

While dusting off that pair of work pants that had retreated to the nether regions of your closet, you may have also noticed some other garments that haven’t seen the light of day for a few years.

When you are saving up for a wedding, it is the perfect time to seek a new home for these clothes… and some extra cash for your coffers.

Give them a good wash and present them nicely, take a snap, and get those babies up online. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much you might be able to get from selling stuff you clearly don’t need any more.

While you’re at it, go through the cupboards, garage, and other places where you keep your ‘stuff’ and see what else can go. There are Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling almost anything, so list in multiple places, as well as Gumtree and ebay, to maximise your chances to getting a sale.

Shopaholic woman and her wardrobe


Choosing now as the right time can have more benefits than saving you a wad of cash each week. You can also start to live a healthier lifestyle and give your body time to begin healing so you are your best version of yourself by the time your wedding day arrives.

Quitting can be hard, so if you can’t stomach the thought of going cold turkey, talk to your GP or pharmacist about other ways you can transition into a smoke-free future. Breaking up

Social events

Heading off to social events can be a costly exercise – especially when they are boozy ones!

Don’t turn down birthday invitations or other special occasions, but try to limit the amount you spend on going out ‘just because,’ or if you worry you will fall into a constant state of FOMO, simply try not to spend all night at the bar and get up and shake your groove thing to the band instead – that’s free entertainment and a workout all in one!

Here's to the New Year!

Takeaway food

We all love a Friday night no-stress takeaway dinner after an exhausting week at work. But when you think takeaway pizza for two from a chain franchise can cost $30 (with a drink and garlic bread, of course) and you can buy two reasonably-priced frozen varieties from the supermarket for about $10, you can see how quickly you can save some dough by being a little more prepared.

Of course, you will ultimately save even more dough if you make your own at home!

chinese take out with smart phone on table and menu


You might want to curl into the fetal position at the thought of giving up your Netflix, but the extra $12 a month you will save will net you more than $150 in a year and that’s no amount to shrug your shoulders at.

Pick up books of an evening, or visit friends and pilfer from their DVD collection (people still have those, right?) and you have free entertainment at the ready. If you have a library nearby, you can also tap into their DVD collection and hire some classics for free!

woman relaxing online on sofa reading some papers

Brand names in the supermarket

Did you know that some Homebrand items are made in the exact same factories that manufacture the brightly-coloured brand names you have grown up with.

This means, the ingredients are the same, but they can cost half the price! Planning what you will cook for dinner each night in advance can save you buying things you won’t need and ultimately throw out and sticking to a list means no impulse buys. Give it a try, you might be surprised at how much you can save each week.

Couple in the supermarket

Bottled water

We live in Australia. We have access to clean, fresh water that is 100% safe to drink. Do not buy bottled water!

Invest in a reusable bottle and fill it up at home, in the workplace, or at a public drinking fountain if you are out and about.

It may only seem like a few dollars a pop, but if you are buying a new bottle every day, these small savings quickly add up.

Refreshing with water break after jogging.

Paying fees

Having to cough up money for no good reason other than you are 24 hours late on a payment, or you had to use an ATM that is not linked to your bank really sucks.

So, avoid it at all costs!

Some banks can charge you $40 just because you have overdrawn on your credit card by $10… Keep on top of your accounts and if you need to take money out and your bank doesn’t have an ATM nearby, you can often get cash out at service stations and supermarkets without having to make a purchase… and not being charged any fees!

Young woman taking money from ATM

Tips for writing your wedding day love letter to your fiance

Tips for writing your wedding day love letter to your fiance

Imagine this: The day you have been planning for months has arrived – you are going to marry the love of your life! Your nerves may be frazzled, you probably have a million things running through your mind, and you can’t wait to see your fiancé and seal the deal. But there is one solitary letter that will be one of the most important things you will read all day – a love letter that is penned by your fiance.

Love Letters

Taking a moment to sit and read their words, absorb their meaning, and reflect on the step you are about to take together is one of the most powerful things you can do on your wedding day.

No matter whether it was written months, weeks, or even days before your wedding day, the letter is a great way to help your partner to calm their nerves and know how much they mean to you before you say, “I do.”

You might think this is a lot of pressure to put on each other and that you have to be a practiced wordsmith to be able to put your feeling eloquently into a letter like this – but it is a lot easier than you think.

Here are some tips to help you to write your wedding love letter…

Take some time to think

It’s a rare gift for someone to be able to sit down and pour their heart out and nail the perfect letter on the first attempt, so don’t set that as an expectation for yourself. Giving yourself time to reflect on your relationship can really help to give you clarity on what it is about your fiancé that made you fall in love with them, what their best qualities are, and how you have made the perfect team.

wedding day love letter

Write down notes

When you think of the perfect memory, or the buzzword that has been eluding you springs into your mind, write it down. Keep all of these thoughts in a notebook or a safe place squirreled away on your phone, so you can whip them out easily when the time comes to start constructing your letter.

Make it personal

Throw generic out the window! Use the memories you have created together, the quirky things your partner does, and the shared experiences you have to really tailor this letter to them. This is the ideal forum for inside jokes and pet names!

Woman making notes in bed

Go digital first

Whether you decide to present your love letter in a card, on traditional paper, or in a special notebook, you want to make sure you don’t have to reach for the White Out if you make a boo-boo. Write your drafts on the computer and then, when you have it just the way you want it, you can transcribe it.

Take your time when writing it

When you get to the point where you begin to hand-write your letter, make sure you have lots of time so your writing is legible. Your fiancé will be able to tell if you have rushed to jot something down at the last minute!

Old antique black vintage typewriter

Don’t make it too long

There will be so many emotions to process, but not all of them have to make it into your letter. Not only that, but you will be reading this on your wedding day and chances are, you won’t have time to read through pages and pages, no matter how sweetly written they are. Just because it is a letter doesn’t mean it has to fill an entire (let along multiple) A4 page. A succinct small card can be just as powerful.

Stay true to yourself

If you aren’t known to fall on bended knee and recite turn of the century poetry, don’t feel like you have to in your love letter. Be genuine and use the tone that you would normally speak to each other in, but feel free to turn up the romance dial ever so slightly! This is the best way to prompt your fiancé to ‘hear’ your voice when they read your letter.

She's A Passionate Reader

Avoid creating a list

Dot points are simple, succinct, and to the, er, point. But avoid this being your final product. While “25 Reasons Why I Love Sandy” may seem like a catchy way to go, there is so much more you can do. Even expanding on each of these will allow it to flow nicely into a letter style.

Add a fragrance

It may seem like something a teenager would do for a letter to their first crush, but research has shown that our sense of smell is strongly linked to our memory. Giving you letter a little spritz with your perfume or cologne can have a calming effect on your partner as they read your letter.

Perfume and roses

Editor’s Choice: Melbourne bridesmaid dresses your girls will love

Editor’s Choice: Melbourne bridesmaid dresses your girls will love

Located in Melbourne, VIC and searching for something special to dress your bridesmaids in? Here’s our favourite Melbourne bridesmaid dresses your girls will adore and will also look perfect with your bridal party aesthetic! These have been hand-selected by the editor (me) by how likely I’d be to dress my best girls in these gorgeous dresses.

melbourne bridesmaid dresses

PS. Frocks

A much loved and trusted online store, PS. Frocks offer a range of stunning bridesmaid dresses at great prices! All dresses are in-stock and ready to ship express-post Australia wide. Their popular multi-way wrap bridesmaid dresses are available in 35 colours and come in sizes 8-22. Check out their PS. Frocks and their gorgeous range today!

ps frocks, melbourne bridesmaid dresses ps frocks, melbourne bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaids Only


An award-winning Australian collection of bridesmaid dresses, Bridesmaids Only is passionate about delivering exceptional quality and style for your girls! Their extensive range includes bridesmaid dresses, maternity pieces, special occasion dresses, accessories, earring and rings, as well as dresses for the mother of the bride and the flower girls! Check out Bridesmaids Only today!

bridesmaids only, melbourne bridemaid dresses bridesmaids only, melbourne bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaids Dressing Room

Based in Melbourne, award-winning Bridesmaids Dressing Room specialises in made-to-order bridesmaid dresses for your girls! Book an appointment and bring your bridesmaids in to try on some dresses or browse their range online – the choice is yours! Check out their reviews today and find out why so many brides and their bridesmaids adore Bridesmaids Dressing Room!

melbourne bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaids dressing room bridesmaids dressing room, melbourne bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaids Etc.

Discover your dream bridesmaid dresses in the comfort of your own home with the help of online store: Bridesmaids Etc. With an extensive range of colours and styles, Bridesmaids Etc stocks size 8-18, so all your girls can feel beautiful and comfortable on your special day! And, with the ability to ‘try before you buy’ with a sample dress or fabric swatches, you can rest assured you’ll get exactly what you want with Bridesmaids Etc.

bridesmaid etc, melbourne bridesmaid dresses bridesmaids etc, melbourne bridesmaid dresses

Honey Couture

An Australian-owned womenswear label, Honey Couture has built a reputation for their gorgeous evening wear and statement dresses. Featuring form-fitting bandage silhouettes and glamorous designs, and sweeping, retro-inspired gowns with the Honey Couture touch, you’re sure to find something bold, daring, and unique for your girls! Check out their storefront today!

honey couture, melbourne bridesmaid dresses honey couture, melbourne bridesmaid dresses

Young Designers Gallery

operating since 1987, the friendly team at Young Designers Gallery promises to complete your total bridal look for your special day. Pricing ranges from $20 to $460 to suit all budgets, and while they have garments in stock, they can also take orders for 3 – 5 month deliveries. And, with an alteration service in-store, you have nothing to worry about with Young Designers Gallery!

melbourne bridesmaid dresses, young designers gallery young designers gallery, melbourne bridesmaid dresses

10 wedding send off ideas for awesome photographs

10 wedding send off ideas for awesome photographs

The send-off is one of the most fun and interactive parts of the wedding day. Everyone gets involved and it’s rare to find someone without a smile on their face.

With so much action going on, they are also opportune moments for your photographer and videographer to capture some movement and colour. You can help them along by adding some props that will maximise the colour pops and excitement of your guests with some of these send off ideas for awesome photographs…


Sparklers add another dimension to night time wedding photos. Image: Gypsy Leigh Productions

Sparklers add another dimension to night time wedding photos. Image: Gypsy Leigh Productions

Whether the night is young, or you are saying farewell after an evening of partying with your friends and family, sparklers are one of the best night time props that photographers (and your guests) can play with.


Confetti looks stunning in photos. Image: Dan Luke Photography

Confetti looks stunning in photos. Image: Dan Luke Photography

Whether it is rice, paper, glitter, or a mix of them all, confetti looks so stunning in photography when a couple are walking through a waterfall of it.

Ribbon wands

Ribbon wands, like these ones from Vic Mermaid Online Store make colourful additions to wedding photos

Ribbon wands, like these ones from Vic Mermaid Online Store make colourful additions to wedding photos

You can’t help but twirl a ribbon wand when it is placed in your hand, so guests will be naturals at this one – and you won’t have any of the mess to clean up! You can use colours that match your bridal party, or go every colour of the rainbow for a truly vibrant photo opportunity.


Bubbles look stunning in wedding photos.

Bubbles look stunning in wedding photos.

Guests of all ages will be enchanted by bubbles, and let’s face it, everyone loves a chance to get stuck in and blow some on the newlyweds! Because bubbles create beautiful colours when they catch the light just right, they come up stellar in your wedding photos.

Flower petals

You can match the petals with your wedding colours. Image: Perla Photography

You can match the petals with your wedding colours. Image: Perla Photography

A little gentler on the noggin than confetti, but no less vibrant, real or satin flower petals will give you a much more natural look with all of the fun of allowing your guests to scatter them over you.


Helium-filled balloons add height to your send-off.

Helium-filled balloons add height to your send-off.

You’ll have to check if there are any restrictions on releasing balloons through your local council, but if you are in the clear, balloons can really make your send-off photos look stunning.

Party poppers

Party poppers are not just fun for birthday parties!

Party poppers are not just fun for birthday parties!

There is something about the anticipation of pulling the cord of one of these babies and the satisfaction of being able to make a huge, colourful mess! Not just for birthday parties, poppers also create beautiful splashes of colour in your wedding photos.

Paper planes

Have a bit of fun with paper planes

Have a bit of fun with paper planes

Just about everyone made a paper plane as a kid and although it takes a knack to get it to fly just right, your guests will have a lot of fun trying! This couple equipped their guests with vibrant orange planes to match their theme colour.

Inflatable beach balls

Playful is the name of the game when using beach balls

Playful is the name of the game when using beach balls

It’s not a day at the beach without a beach ball. Whether they are solid colours or the rainbow variety, everyone will have fun tossing these into the air and your wedding photographer will have a field day capturing it.


You can't help but smile when you hear a bell tinkling away

You can’t help but smile when you hear a bell tinkling away

Perhaps not as visually strong, bells are a cute idea for ringing in the start of your life together. They will also be great fodder for your videographer to capture!

The cons of being too much of a bridechilla

The cons of being too much of a bridechilla

You’ve heard the stories about the brides who get larger than life while planning their wedding. The unrealistic demands and tantrums have seen them dubbed bridezillas. But did you know there is a danger of going through your wedding planning a little too zen? These ladies have been coined bridechillas.

The cons of being too much of a bridechilla

Although they may seem preferable to the former, bridechillas have a real chance of causing just as much chaos. Why? Because they don’t step up to the plate and take charge.

You might think giving your bridesmaids free reign on what they might like to wear, or asking your florist to vaguely whip you up “something pretty” might be the best way to make everyone happy, but you will find the happy-go-lucky attitude simply doesn’t cut it in the world of weddings.

Here are some of the cons of being a bridechilla…

Other people may get stressed

This is the big day for you and your partner, so your opinion matters whether you want it to or not. Being indecisive can be super-tricky for the people who are trying to help you create your dream wedding. They don’t want to make the wrong decision for you!

Even if you don’t specifically know what your dream wedding looks like, shrugging off any decisions will place added stress on your fiancé, bridal party, and close family members who have stepped up to help you.

It wastes time

One thing about bridezillas is that they know exactly what they want, and aren’t afraid to tell everyone. Bridechillas, on the other hand, might be so focused on keeping everyone else happy, that they actually waste so much time for those who step up to help.

A bridechilla might say flippantly, “An outdoor venue might be nice…” but for the person organising, this could mean beach, garden, mountaintop, rainforest… Going backwards and forwards with these options to be met with indecision and no solution will get you nowhere fast.

Woman in cozy home wear relaxing at home

You might be left with little options

When you have 12 months ahead of you, you might feel like time is on your side. But more often than not, you need to book in the major components of your wedding – like the venue, celebrant, and photographer – about a year out. Sometimes even longer if they are an in-demand supplier!

If you rest on your laurels and refuse to make a decision, you will have way less options by the time you get around to booking people in.

Vendors don’t know what you want

A miracle has happened and a bridechilla (or one of her organisers) has locked in a supplier! But now the supplier has the frustration of trying to find out what you want so that they can do the best job possible for you.

The more information you can give to a supplier, the easier it is for them to organise and co-ordinate everything so the day runs smoothly.

young woman on a bad holding a cup of coffee

Your fiancé will stress

The fiancé of a bridechilla might be fortunate enough that her partner will step in and take over the planning, but if your fiance is just as indecisive as you, or is happy to go with what you want for the wedding (cue vicious cycle…) than you are in trouble.

While you are blissfully cruising through your wedding planning with “do what you think is best,” “I’ll like whatever you decide…” your fiance may start to absorb the stress of the situation.

This is not the best way to start a new life together!

Unwanted influences

With decisions to be made and no-one to make them, you might find the people you would never ask the opinions of stepping in to take charge. It could be a friend with completely opposite tastes to you, or your mother-in-law who wants a lavish affair, when you would have been happy with a barefoot beach wedding.

Wedding Kiss at beach.

You may be disappointed in the end

In your quest to create a smooth ride for everyone and give them all what they want, you might ultimately end up being disappointed with the wedding you end up with. While you will still be married to the love of your life by the end of it, you may end up regretting relinquishing so much control.

What’s the average cost of formal wear for the groom?

What’s the average cost of formal wear for the groom?

Couples today place a large emphasis on dressing their groom to an impeccable standard. It’s not just about putting him in a suit – it’s about dressing him in something that matches the wedding theme, overall aesthetic, and that goes perfectly with what his fiance is wearing.

So how much are Australian couples willing to spend to dress their grooms in something special? What’s the average cost of formal wear?

formal wear

shot by Sass Studios

According to the Easy Weddings 2016 Annual Wedding Survey, the average price couples are willing to pay for the groom’s formal wear is $1,185.

When it comes to how much couples are willing to part with to have the groom look a million bucks beside his betrothed, the average price varies from state to state across Australia.

formal wear

 shot by Sass Studios

The stats

When it comes to dressing the groom, New South Wales couples are the big spenders – forking out an average of $1,335.

Victorian couples are willing to part with an average of $1,235, while South Australian and Queensland spend an average of $1,120 on their formal wear.

Tasmanian couples spend an average of $1,000 for the groom’s suit.

Western Australian couples are the most modest when it comes to formal wear, spending an average of $930 on the groom’s suit.

formal wear

shot by Two Peaches Photography

Fun facts

According to the Easy Weddings 2016 Annual Wedding Survey, 81% of couples said they would be choosing items for their wedding from a formal wear provider.

62% of those surveyed said they would be hiring a suit for the groom, while 38% said they will be purchasing the groom’s suit.

Those surveyed believe formal wear providers offer an excellent range of products and styles and have knowledge about style and fashion. Some even mentioned that they were offered discounts when hiring multiple items!

Classic black and navy blue suits continue to be the popular colours for Australian grooms. Many grooms are also leaning toward more formal styles of wedding attire, including dinner jackets and bowties.

formal wear

 shot by Viva Photography

2017 prediction

For 2017, the Easy Weddings Annual Wedding Survey results so far conclude a rise in what Australian couples are willing to part with to dress their groom in impeccable formal wear. While the complete 2017 survey results are not yet published, we predict this rise in average price couples are willing to pay stems from the idea that ‘grooms should look and feel as great as the bride’. If you’re willing to fork out a decent amount of money for the wedding dress, why not give the same respect to the groom? It’s his day too, after all.

formal wear

shot by The White Tree

What’s the average cost for wedding decorations?

What’s the average cost for wedding decorations?

Couples today place a large emphasis on crafting their special day with the wedding decorations of their dreams. It’s all about creating a space that looks just as amazing as the ones you see on social media and Pinterest.

So how much are Australian couples willing to spend to decorate their wedding? What’s the average cost of wedding decorations?

wedding decorations

According to the Easy Weddings 2016 Wedding Survey, the average price couples are willing to pay for their wedding decorations is $1,810.

When it comes to how much couples are willing to part with to create their perfect wedding with the decorations of their dreams, the average price varies from state to state across Australia.


What style of wedding photography do you prefer

wedding decorations

The stats

When it comes to decorating their wedding, Western Australian couples are the big spenders – forking out an average of $2,890.

New South Wales couples and South Australian couples are willing to part with an average of $1,805 and $1,565 respectively.

Victorian and Queensland couples are willing to spend the same amount on their wedding decorations, parting with $1,410.

wedding decorations

Fun facts

Wedding styling trends are highly influenced by digital platforms such as social media, blogs, and online magazines. As a result there is a growing emphasis on taking styling trends to a new level, with many modern couples opting to include decorations at their ceremony and reception venues, such as flower walls, decorated chandeliers, dessert tables, and unique centrepieces for the guest and bridal tables.

Additionally, couples are now opting to allow their florist a large part in their venue decorating. This is because floral arrangements are now a popular inclusion in weddings, and couples may even choose to invest in these rather than decorations from a decorator or hire company.

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2017 prediction

For 2017, the Easy Weddings Annual Wedding Survey results so far conclude a fall in what Australian couples are willing to part with to decorate their dream wedding. While the complete 2017 survey results are not yet published, we predict this fall in average price stems from the rise in popularity of DIY weddings. Of late, couples are more likely to incorporate DIY elements into their wedding (using their own skills or talents, or those of family and friends) to keep decorating costs down. If you’re leaning more towards having a DIY wedding, check out this article to get you started!

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Top 6 most popular wedding dress designers Australia-wide

Top 6 most popular wedding dress designers Australia-wide

Toying with the idea of crafting your dream wedding gown with the help of a couture dress designer, but not sure where to start? To get the ball rolling, here are the top wedding dress designers Australia-wide as ranked by their customer reviews on Easy Weddings.

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Mia Solano @ Luv Bridal & Formal


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With over three decades of experience between their design team, Mia Solano @ Luv Bridal & Formal is committed to giving every bride a unique and brilliant experience – and ultimately creating their dream wedding gown! Each gown is made with great attention to detail and quality – down to the last hand-sewn bead and embellished lace. Check out their storefront today and begin crafting your dream gown with Mia Solano!

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Melbourne, VIC

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Priding themselves on delivering genuine bridal couture, d’Italia will custom-make your dream wedding dress made with the world’s finest fabrics. All you have to do is collect what you like from magazines and the internet, make an appointment where the designers will fine-tune your ideas, and choose your desired fabric – and you’ll be left with a gown that fits you perfectly. Check out d’Italia today!

ditalia, wedding dress designersditalia, wedding dress designers

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

Sydney, NSW

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With over 26 years experience, Louise Alvarez offers you the chance to create a gown that will fit your figure, your style, and your budget! Beginning with a sketch of your dream gown, Louise Alvarez describes the couture experience as a “labour of love”. Also offering a range of demi-couture pieces and accessories, there’s something for every bride at Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear!

louise alvarez couture, wedding dress designerswedding dress designers, louise alvarez couture

Susan Ogg Designer

Brisbane, QLD

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First establishing her custom-made bridal and fashion label in 1989, and now going into her 27th year of operation, Susan Ogg is recognised for her quality workmanship in bridal, eveningwear, and tailored day wear. Passionate about creating a gown that will flatter you in every way, Susan Ogg uses silk fabrics, and French and Italian laces to achieve a luxurious finish. You’re sure to create something truly special with the help of Susan Ogg!

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Fara Couture

Perth, WA

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One of the finest couture wedding dress designers in Perth, Fara Almasi from Fara Couture has been designing wedding dresses for over 20 years. Ensuring the bride is confident and feeling beautiful in her gown, Fara Couture offers a wide range of wedding dresses in different styles and designs, and unique creation using only the highest-quality fabrics. Check out Fara Couture today, and begin crafting your dream wedding dress!

fara couture, wedding dress designersfara couture, wedding dress designers

La Belle Bridal

Canberra, ACT

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With a large range of stunning gowns, and the ability to custom-make your wedding dress, you’re sure to discover something special with La Belle Bridal! Priding themselves on providing stellar service, La Belle Bridal uses only the finest materials and impeccable craftsmanships to create their gowns. Find out more by checking out La Belle Bridal today!

la belle bridal, wedding dress designersla belle bridal, wedding dress designers